Any VHF Radio Recommendations?
My new Standard Horizon VHF radio filled up with water the first time I submerged it.  West Marine took it back, but I want to make folks aware.  Caveat emptor.

So, I need a new radio.  Any recommendations?  I don't need anything fancy, just a basic device.  It needs to be submersible Rolleyes
Icom M37. It floats and has optional alkaline battery pack for long off grid / expedition use. (In an emergency I want to know I can pop in some alkaline AA batteries and not worry that I might have used up the rechargeable because I left it on.) Icom's are very reliable. Truth note... I don't have this model, I have an older radio.

No matter which one you buy I recommend getting the extended warranty. It’s really worth it since they do stop working sometimes .
Also if you can avoid having it on your PFD when doing rescues it will help keeping your body weight off off it. The pressure against the hull when doing the regular T rescues will hurt the radio. Also that extra bulk in front makes it harder to hop aboard.
I know that our training recommends keeping the radio on person however if you can rig it on your shoulder so that it doesn't get crushed it would be best.

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